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My Books Are Guarded by Birds by ausrejurke My Books Are Guarded by Birds by ausrejurke
Acrylic paint on wood.
Size: 13 cm x 8 cm

I have to warn you: I am going to tell you the long story about how it was done :D

First of all, I really enjoy reading. And I also like buying new books. But sometimes I get a headache while thinking where to put them. Usually this prevents me from buying more books until I give away some of the old ones.
But not this time.

This time I decided to buy bookends and put another row of books on top of my closed shelf.
Yet I had a very hard time finding bookends which I like and I could afford. The selection of them is surprisingly small in the shops. And most of them look tacky, they don't fit in a simple style room or takes up too much space. (And yes, the prices are ridiculous.)
I started looking for them on the internet. I found some pretty good options, but I was still not happy. I didn't fully like the shapes or the materials. So I ended up buying simple wooden bookends with idea to paint something on them.

My bookends arrived, I was very happy about the quality and started looking for ideas what to paint on them. So I went through my DeviantArt Favourites. I looked at every of them and ended up choosing a bird picture. I like birds and they look pretty nice. I searched for some more pictures of birds and settled on these two:
Blue Tit…

Just then I thought: who am I kidding? Birds have feathers, they are fluffy, I can't paint them! I don't have necessary skills!
I began to hesitate painting the birds. I could find a different picture. But I already looked through so many of them, nothing caught my eye. I could do the easy way - simple swirl ornaments, which already can be seen on various objects in my room.

The time has past and I finally pulled myself together. I promised, that I try at least. Anyway, this is just for me, not a gift for somebody else, nor for selling. If I fail, only I will know that this is a fail.

And now I am so happy that I didn't abandon my project. The process was very enjoyable and the birds actually look quite fluffy.
Of course, I still failed at the proportions, but if not comparing to the originals, my birds still look satisfactorily. (And how can someone fail that much with proportions while using grid lines? :D)

Since this idea was very interesting to execute, I wish to repeat it one day :)
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