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Holiday Card for the Project by ausrejurke Holiday Card for the Project by ausrejurke
I actually did it! This card is already on the way to California! It might take up to 2 weeks for it to arrive, but I hope it won't be late for the deadline of the project. #holidaycardproject

I wanted to participate in this event last year, but somehow I ended up not doing it. But this year I just had to do this.
I used colouring card as a base. These mandala type colouring books are very popular right now (so popular that it is getting annoying to see them). I was already doing things like this 2-3 years ago just to calm myself and to rest a little bit. And this year it is going to be mandala cards year for my friends and family :D

The scanned image doesn't look very good. I tried to make the colours more like in original, but, since I already mailed it, I am not sure, if I succeeded. Still looks like the colours are a little bit off...

The hardest part was to think of the text on the other side of the card. I am always short with words. I wanted to incorporate the Lithuanian greeting for the holiday's season. We usually say "Linksmų Kalėdų ir laimingų Naujųjų Metų", which translates as "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year". But then I realised that not everyone celebrates Christmas! And at first I had no clue about greeting, which could work for everyone. But later I remembered what we say when we want to greet for both of these occasions at once. This is "Linksmų švenčių" ("Happy Holidays"). I decided to go with it in the card.
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November 17, 2015
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